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Erwin Hartenberg

I specialize in empowering managers, through personalized sessions to enhance leadership skills, focusing on areas like decision-making, team dynamics, and emotional intelligence.


My approach caters to both new and seasoned managers, aiming to build foundational skills in new leaders and refine advanced abilities in experienced ones, including strategic thinking and change management.


My adaptive coaching approach provides a collaborative  and safe space for managers at all levels to further grow into inspiring leaders, equipped to navigate modern management challenges and foster a culture of excellence and innovation in their teams.

One-on-One Sessions:


I provide a safe, confidential space for managers to explore their leadership style, identify areas for growth, and develop strategies to enhance their effectiveness. My coaching focuses on key areas such as decision-making, team dynamics, communication skills, and emotional intelligence.

For Newbie Managers:


My focus is on laying a strong foundation for effective leadership. The transition from team member to manager can be daunting, and my coaching is designed to build confidence and competence in this new role. We concentrate on essential skills such as effective communication, team motivation, delegation, and time management. I provide a supportive space for new managers to explore their leadership style, understand team dynamics, and develop strategies for managing their teams effectively. My goal is to equip them with the tools and insights needed to navigate their early leadership journey with confidence.

For Seasoned Managers with decades of experience:


The coaching is geared towards refining and enhancing their well-established skills. We delve into advanced leadership concepts like strategic thinking, change management, and cultivating a high-performance culture. The focus is on staying adaptable and relevant in an ever-evolving business landscape. My role involves challenging these experienced leaders to think differently, embrace new ideas, and continuously evolve their leadership approach. I also offer guidance on mentoring and developing their successors, ensuring a lasting leadership legacy.

  • My approach is collaborative and adaptive, recognizing that each manager's journey is unique.

  • I will not use a standard template but create personalized coaching plans, insightful feedback, and practical tools.

  • I help managers not only achieve their current goals but also prepare them for future leadership challenges.

This coaching partnership aims to transform managers into inspiring leaders who can effectively navigate the complexities of modern management, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within their teams.

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Itxaso Etxebarria, Customer Service Manager, Wolters Kluwer

“The experience that I have had with Erwin in our mentoring sessions, has meant an essential change in my role as people manager. Through these sessions, Erwin has taught me to manage the issues that I wanted to improve such as engagement with the team, time management, and how to take the maximum potential of my team. Additionally, I remark his brilliant communication skills, wide knowledge about leadership and a very nice personality. I strongly recommend to work with him”

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