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I am a multi-disciplinary business leader with over 25 years of experience, mostly working for Microsoft in several international markets. The red thread in my career has been transformation and impact. Through different leadership roles in Sales, Marketing, Services, and Strategy, I know what a company needs to transform across the board and bring innovation and impact to customers. 

I have great passion for two pillars beneath every successful business: happy and loyal customers and committed and fulfilled employees. It is in these areas that I want to make a difference for your company based on my experience and skillset.


You can hire me for employment or interim assignments for leader roles in:

Customer Success | Journey | Onboarding | Growth


I know how to build a scalable business around customer acquisitions that result in high Net Revenue Retention and a platform for sustainable growth. Of course with a focus on creating impact with AI.

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People | Talent | HR | AI


My not-so-standard HR profile will inject business expertise, and tech impact, as well as facilitation & coaching skills into your HR/People department. I will also help ensure your people are setup for AI boosting their effectiveness.

Erwin Hartenberg

I know what it takes to lead and deliver results across teams and organizational and geographical boundaries. I understand the importance of cross-cultural collaboration and effective communication in a global business landscape. 

I am known for bringing clarity to complex environments. This allows me to design the right mix of actions that deliver results. I actively build feedback loops that reveal areas for improvement are a core aspect of my strategic approach. Transformation is more than just strategy, the difference is made on the ground, creating value with customers and partners.

My leadership style is to energize people and enable them to act with autonomy based on a clear and common goal. My coaching and team facilitation experience allows me to deliver precise interventions that help teams & individual leaders improve their work. 

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Kristia Tikhonova, General Manager, Microsoft South East Europe

"Erwin is a mature leader and great people manager, building diverse teams and feeling comfortable with managing remote teams. He leads with the clarity - aligning people around priorities, and supporting people to aspire for bold ambitions. Under his leadership, he has consistently overachieved results, by focusing on right priorities, cooperating closely with partner organization, and securing marketing investments into the markets under his leadership. Great business leader, that I strongly recommend.”

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