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Guide your team to success

Guide Your Team To Success

25 Essential Techniques for Managers

Are you a manager seeking to unlock your team's full potential? "Guide Your Team to Success" is the ultimate handbook, offering 25 essential techniques to help your team find its way.

This book shares my insights and expertise gained from facilitating teams within Microsoft and beyond. I believe that managers can become guides for their teams using facilitation techniques, and this book provides the tools needed.

The book covers four key domains that collectively impact a team's effectiveness: Purpose & Identity, Execution & Organization, Assessing Impact, and Key Challenges & Resolutions. Learn how to create clarity on your team's mission, optimize execution, assess your impact, and tackle challenges head-on.

This practical guide is for managers first but team members can also benefit from its content, including those working in virtual teams. With the world becoming more connected, the ability to work effectively in teams is crucial for success. This book provides the essential tools for improving individual contributions and overall team performance in an increasingly complex environment.

Become the driving force of your team's success by mastering the techniques in "Guide Your Team" and start making a real impact today.

About the Author:

Erwin Hartenberg is a seasoned business leader with over 25 years of experience. He has spent most of his career working for Microsoft in various roles across multiple geographies. He has worked as a team member, a team manager, a leader of virtual teams, and a facilitator for teams. The red thread in his working life has always been the focus on what teams need to be successful. He has been trained as a facilitator and has sharpened many facilitation techniques, while also developing new ones that allow teams to flourish.

Stefan Ropers, CEO Market Logic,

ex-Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe COO

"Erwin distilled his real life professional experiences into this books' ideas and recommendations.
I can testify that they are as impactful and practical as the work he has done within organizations I led."


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