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Since facilitation is broad category, you are probably curious about what I can do for you as a facilitator. You might know a bit about what to expect from a facilitator. But let me take you through my definition anyway. For me, facilitation is best described in the following way:

A guiding force that brings outside perspective, that provides clarity through structure, challenges perception, and shows causality to establish lasting impact.

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Think of the components in this definition as the ingredients for a recipe for a cake. You can take some liberty, but there are core elements you need to end up with an edible carrot cake, such as carrots. The amount of icing may vary.


An important difference between a facilitator and a coach is that a facilitator works in a 1:many setting vs the 1:1 sessions in coaching. I can help be that outside force supporting your team in key challenges. In the heart of problem-solving, my strengths are to clarify issues, foster open dialogue, and guide teams through structured decision-making processes.


My expertise lies in breaking down large problems into manageable parts, encouraging creative solutions, and ensuring every team member's perspective is valued and considered.


I will create an atmosphere of open communication, enabling team members to build trust and respect each other's viewpoints. 

If you hire me, you won’t just hire a facilitator for a one-time engagement. While I facilitate you and your team, I will also transfer the knowledge behind the techniques I use so that you can apply them yourselves afterwards. This is the icing on the cake I mentioned.

Depending on your needs, I like to follow the ‘Double Diamond’ structure that I have adapted a bit. This will give you an idea of how I operate with pre-work focusing on getting to clarity on what the real challenge is for your team and the next stage of facilitating your team hands on to get to the outcome we are looking for.

Erwin Hartenberg Double Diamond

Here are a few examples of the kind of sessions you can hire me to facilitate in either a face-2-face or virtual engagement:

Brainstorming: To generate a wide range of ideas and solutions, focusing on creative thinking and innovation.

Strategic Planning & OKR: Guiding teams in setting

long-term goals, defining strategies, and creating actionable plans for achieving objectives.

Culture Map: Taking control of the culture in your organization by collectively designing and implementing what culture you and your team(s) want for optimal productivity and impact.

Conflict Resolution: Addressing interpersonal or group conflicts, fostering understanding, and finding mutually acceptable resolutions.

Decision-Making: Assisting groups in making complex decisions by weighing options, considering impacts, and reaching consensus.

Change Management: Guiding teams through periods of change, addressing concerns, and fostering adaptation to new processes or structures.

Problem-Solving: Addressing specific challenges or issues the team faces, using structured methods to find practical solutions.


Drop me an email here to get in touch and discuss what I can do for you.

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Thanks for your interest!

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