The best blogpost ever

Yes, we've done it! We have worked so hard at this and now we are ready to share it with the world! This is it, it's the best work we've ever done and we are so proud to tell you it is here, the best >insert product release 2-3-4-5-6-….<. It's the best version of >insert product name XYZ< yet. That's right. The best yet!

The best one we've ever made. Look at any webpage, emailing or other marketing outing connected to the release of a new version of an existing product or service. It does not matter whether it is a new version of an app or a new version of a car model. You'll see the same thing over and over again. This is our best version yet!

Well, what else could we have expected? Do these marketeers really think that we'd think there would be a new version that would be worse than its predecessor? Granted, these things happen every once in a while but that is never the expectation. So great, you built a new version. Now just cut the nonsense and tell us what you think makes it worthwhile instead of telling us how happy you are it is better than the last version. I mean, seriously, would we expect you telling us your new version is worse than the previous one?

We worked very hard, and we don't really know how to put it but ehmm, our new version just isn't as good as the last one. It's more expensive, and well, it's just not as great as the version you use today. But hey, we'd still like you to buy it? Please?

So, dear marketeers, stop telling us your new version is better than the last. That is the least we expect. Tell us why it's different than anything else. Tell us what you were thinking when you made it. Tell us what you think we will appreciate in it because you went to the end of the world to figure that out.

And then WE will tell you this version is better than the previous one.